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International Conference

"Trauma, Memory, and Narrative in the Contemporary South African Novel"

Date: 8-11 April, 2010

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Conference review by Sarah Pett (University of York),
PSA Newsletter No. 5 (p. 11): .pdf file

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Please note that Vilashini Cooppan's paper on Sunday has been replaced by:

Michael Meyer (University of Koblenz)
"Replaying Trauma: Sue Williamson's and Zoë Wicomb's Dialogic Aesthetics of 'Disconnected Images' and a 'Mixed-up Tale'"

(The conference programme, abstracts and bio notes have been updated.)

General list of invited speakers and papers:

Derek Attridge (University of York)
"'To speak of this you would need the tongue of a god': On Representing the Trauma of Township Violence"

David Attwell (University of York)
"Trauma Refracted: J.M. Coetzee's Summertime"

Elleke Boehmer (University of Oxford)
"Permanent Risk: When Crisis Defines a Nation's Writing"

Geoffrey Davis (RWTH Aachen University)
"'Is not the Truth the Truth?': The Political and the Personal in the Writings of Gillian Slovo and Jann Turner"

Annie Gagiano (Stellenbosch University)
"Stylistic and/or Affective Considerations: Emblematic Depiction of Apartheid Trauma in Mongane Wally Serote's Novel To Every Birth its Blood (1981)"

Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela (University of Cape Town)
"The Embodiment of Trauma: 'Speaking' Trauma in Public Testimony and Research Narratives"

Yazier Henry (University of Michigan)
"Approaching the Public in Archive: Reflections on Violence, Narrative and Official Mechanisms of Transitional Justice"

Mandla Langa (Johannesburg)
"Avatars and Proxies: Memorialising the Pain of the Past Through Creating Alternative Worlds"

Ruth Leys (Johns Hopkins University)
"Trauma and the Turn to Affect"

Sindiwe Magona (Cape Town)
"It is in the Blood"

Susan Mann (Cape Town)
"Out of the Mouths: Voices of Children in South African Literature"

Achille Mbembe (WISER University)
"The After Life of the Father: Notes Towards a History of Post-Apartheid South African Political Culture"

Chris Van der Merwe (University of Cape Town)
"Rethinking Religion in a Time of Trauma"

Anne Whitehead (University of Newcastle)
"'Postcolonialising' Trauma: A Reading of Sindiwe Magona's Mother to Mother"

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