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Ewald Mengel

Prof. Ewald Mengel

Ewald Mengel is Professor of English and American Language and Literature, a position he also held at Bayreuth University. He has published books on Pinter, the English historical novel, Charles Dickens, translations of German dramas into English, the 18th century novel and the 20th century drama. His articles have centred on Pinter, Arden, Mortimer, the English historical novel, Dickens, Tennyson and Sterne. His current research interests include IT applications in English studies and the contemporary South African novel. His teaching ranges from Chaucer to contemporary British literature.

Michela Borzaga

Mag. Michela Borzaga

Michela Borzaga studied English and Italian at the universities of Salzburg and Belfast. From January to October 2002 she was on a research grant at Stellenbosch working on her MA thesis on Tatamkhulu Afrika, a contemporary South African poet. In July 2008 she received an FWF contract to work on a doctoral dissertation thesis on trauma and the contemporary South African novel. Her research interests include contemporary South African literature, trauma and gender studies, cultural and literary theory.

PhD Project

Mag. Karin Orantes

Karin Orantes
Karin Orantes studied English, Spanish and Geography (Educational Studies) at the University of Vienna. Having spent a year as Fulbright German Language Teaching Assistant at Simpsons College, Iowa (USA), she finished her graduate studies with her diploma thesis on contemporary South African memoirs. Currently she is working on her doctoral dissertation researching the evolution of South African memoirs over the last several decades. Her research interests include South African literature, trauma and cultural studies.

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