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Weltbühne Wien / World Stage Vienna

A research project at the University of Vienna / funded by the Austrian Research Council

Weltbühne Wien / World Stage Vienna:
The Reception of Anglophone Plays on Viennese Stages of the 20th Century

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With the help of various cultural studies approaches and methods, this interdisciplinary research project will explore processes of cultural transfer and the reception of anglophone plays on Vienna's stages of the 20th century. The perspective of reception history will be extended and complemented by appropriate methods and approaches to investigate the relationships between the cultures involved: the project will focus on questions relating to cultures in contact and cultural transfer, to circulation and blockage of (foreign) cultural elements, to play selection and censorship, to the role of national stereotypes within the reception process, and to translation and adaptation. Further focal points will be the historical role of individual theatres and theatre directors, agents, cultural officers, and other important figures in Vienna's theatre scene.

The period chosen, the 20th century, will allow us to examine these transfer processes with regard to consecutive historical periods (the last years of the Habsburg monarchy 1900–1918, the First Austrian Republic 1918–1938, the time of the 'Anschluß', i.e., Austria's incorporation into the Third Reich 1938–1945, the time of occupation 1945–1955, and finally the time of the Second Austrian Republic – 1955 up to the present), and describe and compare phenomena of transfer processes in different political and economic contexts. The inclusion of British and American plays extends the repertoire and leads to the investigation of three cultures which are in simultaneous contact with each other. The consideration of classics – Shakespeare as well as modern British and American classics such as Beckett, Pinter, Miller, Williams, or Albee – will allow investigations of how a classic is made, which metamorphoses a classic undergoes under the influence of changing political, economic, and social factors, and how even the process of canonization may serve the purpose of blockage.

All in all, we will analyse the phenomenon of the transference of plays from their source culture into a foreign target culture and attempts at – or resistance against – their 'naturalization'. The transfer of the originally anglophone play constitutes a form of cultural contact or intercultural exchange between Austria and Terranglia, the changing quality of which is to be explored in the context of individual historical periods. A number of hypotheses regarding the interculturality of drama and the role of foreign cultures in constructions of national identities will be put to a practical-analytical test. The project undertakes to examine, reconsider and, eventually, adapt and refine such hypotheses. In our context, this implies an investigation of the effects and repercussions of an increased contact with anglophone plays in terms of Austrian cultural as well as national identity in the twentieth century, a century of conflicts and crises. Ultimately, by investigating the transfer and reception of anglophone plays, the project will make an important contribution to the analysis of the processes of cultural transfer and to the history of Viennese theatre and culture.

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Work in Progress:

Sandra Mayer, Pleasing and Teasing the Audience. Oscar Wilde: An All-Time Favourite on Vienna's Stages in the Twentieth Century (Dissertation project)

Barbara Pfeifer, A Dramatist for All Seasons: George Bernard Shaw in Vienna (Dissertation project)

Ludwig Schnauder, The Bard and the Burgtheater: Transforming Shakespeare on the Stage of Austria's National Theatre in the 20th and 21st Centuries (Postdoc project)


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