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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christiane DALTON-PUFFER

Co-Affiliated to Center of Teacher Education

Research  interests

  • instructed second language learning,  CLIL  and content in ELT, bilingual education
  • classroom discourse, discourse analysis, pragmatics
  • phonetics/phonology, teaching and learning of L2 pronunciation
  • word-formation, history of English word-formation
  • teacher education

PhDs supervised  

Mirtoska, Jasmina. 2017 The effect of different teaching methods on the acquisition, retention and integration of tense forms into spontaneous speech.

Schiftner, Barbara. 2017. An integrative approach to discourse coherence: rhetorical structure and cohersion in university students' English L2 writing.

Kemsies, Ronald. 2016. Teaching polysemous nouns in the EFL classroom through 'frame-based instruction' - a cognitive semantic approach.

Berger, Armin. 2015.Validating analytic rating scales. A multi-method approach to scaling descriptors for assessing academic speaking.

Berger, Angela. 2013. Bilingual problem solving in CLIL mathematics.(co-supervision with  Hans Humenberger-Faculty of Mathematics).

Linhart-Wegschaider, Helga. 2010. Foreign Language Learning and Advanced Age. Age-related aspects and learning result of different adult age groups of autodidactic foreign language learners.  

Chapters and articles (selection)

2017. Cognitive Discourse Functions Coding Manual 0.1. online ms.

2017. CLIL in der Praxis - Was sagt die Forschung? Goethe-Institut.

2017. Discourse analysis and CLIL. In: Llinares, Morton, McCabe & Whittaker (eds.) 2017. Applied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL (Language Learning and Language Teaching). Amsterdam, etc.: John Benjamins, pp. 167-181.

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2016. with Nikula, T.; Llinares, A. and Lorenzo, F.. 2016. More Than Content and Language: The Complexity of Integration in CLIL and Multilingual Education. In: Nikula, T., Dafouz, E. Moore, P. & U. Smit (eds.) 2016. Conceptualising integration in CLIL and multilingual education. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, p.1-25.

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Special Issues and edited volumes (selection)

2014  & 2015. with Tarja Nikula: Special Issue CLIL I. The Language Learning Journal 42(2) ; Special Issue CLIL II. The Language Learning Journal 43(3) 235-238.

2010. Dalton-Puffer, Christiane, Tarja Nikula, Ute Smit (eds.). Language use and language learning in CLIL. (AALS Series 7). Amsterdam etc.: Benjamins.

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