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Finalising your studies / Obtaining your MA degree

You are nearly there, just two more steps to take!

A. Thesis

  1. Find a topic and a supervisor for your thesis.
  2. Get your topic approved by your supervisor.
  3. File for reservation of your topic at the SSC.
  4. As soon as you have finished  your courses, print out your transcript of records and come see Monica Dirnberger in her office hours. If there is a 'Bescheid' (additional courses from the BA programme or recognitions) please bring it along.
  5. Submit your thesis at the SSC.

B. Thesis Defense

  1. Find a second examiner.
  2. Coordinate your supervisor’s and your second examiner’s time schedules in order to find a date and time for your final examination.
  3. Inform Monica Dirnbergerr about this date and time (at least 4 weeks prior to your exam) so that she can organise a chairperson for you.
  4. As soon as your thesis has been approved, you can sign up for your thesis defense at the SSC (two weeks prior to your exam at the latest).

Good luck and lots of energy for your final countdown!

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