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MA Programme Anglophone Literatures and Cultures

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

The Department of English is a community of international scholars with a long tradition of scholarship and academic teaching dating back more than one hundred years.

This MA programme provides students with insight into various fields in the history and theory of Anglophone literatures and cultures and explores the relationships with other disciplines, investigating key issues of intellectual concern in society, politics, and culture. 'Anglophone literatures and cultures' is understood in the broadest sense encompassing texts (literary and otherwise) from the Middle Ages to the present, written by British, US-American, Canadian, Irish, South African, Australian and postcolonial writers from other nations of the former Commonwealth ("New Literatures").

The courses are designed to explore a wide variety of genres, themes and theories as well as cultural contexts. Within the Cultural and Media Studies strand classes centre on popular and visual cultures. A special focus is put on contextualized reading and on advancing cross-cultural learning and interdisciplinary approaches, thus opening up new avenues of research and a range of new topics for students' papers and final MA theses (about 38,000 words).

This MA programme blends obligatory and optional modules. These will enable students to extend and develop their knowledge of Anglophone literatures and cultures as well as advance their research competence and their skills in writing academic research papers (seminar papers of 10,000 words to be written in English).

Students may choose between three major pathways giving them the opportunity to specialize further within any one of these areas of literary and cultural studies:

  • British Literature/Irish Literature/New English Literatures
  • American / North American (Canadian) Literary Studies (chair currently vacant)
  • Cultural / Media Studies

Current areas of research by the members of the academic staff in the field of Anglophone literatures and cultural studies include

  • Theatre and drama through the ages
  • Narrative fiction (17th to 21st centuries)
  • Poetry (focus on 17th c. and contemporary lyrical verse)
  • Media and film studies
  • Popular culture and visual culture
  • Literature for children and young adults
  • Theories of literature and Cultural Studies (e.g. narratology, lyric theory, cognitive poetics, cultural transfer, literature and spirituality)
  • British cultural studies
  • Irish literature and cultural studies
  • North American literature and cultural studies
  • South African literature and culture
  • Postcolonial studies and the New English literatures

Recent research projects include

  • World stage Vienna (project director Ewald Mengel)
  • Trauma, memory and narrative in the contemporary South African novel (project director Ewald Mengel)
  • Flann O'Brien (project director Werner Huber)
  • Kanadische Literatur: Transatlantisch, Transkontinental, Transkulturell (project director Waldemar Zacharasiewicz)
  • Literature, emotion and empire (cooperation with the University of Queensland and the University of Perth) (project director Margarete Rubik)
  • Transatlantic Exchanges: Between the American South and Europe (project director Waldemar Zacharasiewicz)
  • Popular Culture (cooperations with the Vienna University of Applied Arts / Roman Horak); About Raymond Williams, Fashionable Queens, Pursuing the Trivial

Is Vienna the place for you?

For the master programme in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures we are looking for applicants who

  • have a solid background in the study of Anglophone literatures and cultures
  • have a special interest in one (or more) of the specific fields of research undertaken by the academic staff in the areas of Anglophone literatures and cultures (see above)
  • have advanced research skills and proficiency in writing academic papers in English (required language proficiency C 1 or better)
  • are able and willing to engage in cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary academic discourse creatively and critically

General requirements for admission:

  1. BA degree in English Studies from an internationally recognized university
  2. Evidence of advanced proficiency in English

For further information please consult the following links:


Upon successful completion of this master’s programme students will receive a legally accredited master's degree in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures and the title of Master of Arts (MA).

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