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Dear potential student,
please note that formal admission to doctoral studies by the University of Vienna does NOT mean you (will) have a supervisor, so approach a potential supervisor first.
Please note, however, that at the English Department most supervisors are currently unable to take on further supervisees.

Doktoratsstudium (PhD)

This sub site is intended to give PhD students at the English Department a visible presence and help them connect with the PhD community. It provides information on PhD networks (including our very own PhD mailing list), curricula, links to the university's services for PhDs and funding opportunities.

PhD Mailing List


This mailing list has been set up to facilitate communication among PhD students. Subscribing to the list will enable you to send emails to all subscribers and to receive emails from other PhDs in turn. The list’s usefulness will depend on members’ input: feel free to write about problems and questions regarding research / the writing process / your theoretical approach etc., or to inform other subscribers of events or funding opportunities or anything else relating to your degree and life as a PhD.


Student Representatives for PhD students in the Humanities and Social Sciences:

Email: doktorat.philosophie@univie.ac.at

Homepage: http://www.univie.ac.at/dok.phil/

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