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How do I become a student?

The first step in becoming a student is to be admitted to the respective course of study. Here we will give you an overview of the different aspects to be considered in the admission process. You can find more extensive information on the website of the study service group (Studienservice und Lehrwesen), which we will refer to in the points below.  

PLEASE NOTE that the English Department is NOT involved in the formal admission procedure in any way! 

All formal admission-related matters are handled by the Admission Office, where respective queries should be directed. Further information can be obtained on the Studienservice und Lehrwesen Website. 

General requirements and registration process

For the regular admission to a course of study there are particular requirements that differ according to your type of school leaving certificate or undergraduate degree, respectively, as well as the country of your nationality. You can find more detailed information on this here: Studienservice und Lehrwesen.

First Admission and Online Registration

All prospective students that are not yet registered at the University of Vienna have to be admitted before beginning their studies. First admission requires an online pre-registration and is possible within the general admission periods.

Admission to an additional course of study

Students that are already registered at the University of Vienna may be admitted to another course of study or change their current course of study. General admission periods apply. Information about the procedure and the requirements for the admission to further studies can be found at the Studienservice und Lehrwesen website.

Study Guide

The study guide helps to untangle the “knots” that may arise at the beginning of your studies. It offers information and orientation to help you keep track of the red thread throughout your first semester(s).

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