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Mag. Dr. Marie-Luise Pitzl

 Research Interests

  • English as a lingua franca
  • Spoken language and interaction
  • Pragmatics and discourse analysis
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Creativity (metaphor, idiom variation, lexical creativity)
  • Teacher education and applied linguistics


  • VO Introduction to the Study of Language 1
  • VO Approaching English Linguistics
  • SE English as a lingua franca: Description and pedagogy
  • SE Interaction in spoken English as a lingua franca
  • PS2 Pragmatics / The pragmatics of spoken interaction
  • PS2 Mechanicsms of language change in ELF
  • PS1 Linguistics
  • VO Introduction to English Language Teaching (Salzburg)
  • PS Words and the Lexicon (Salzburg)
  • SE Corpus Linguistics for Language Teachers (TU Dortmund)
  • Coaching Study Groups

Select Publications
Monographs and edited works

  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise; Osimk-Teasdale, Ruth (eds.). 2016. English as a lingua franca: Perspectives and prospects. Contributions in honour of Barbara Seidlhofer. Boston: De Gruyter Mouton.
  • Ehrenreich, Susanne; Pitzl, Marie-Luise (eds.). 2015. Special issue on "Teaching ELF, BELF and/or Intercultural Communication?". Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 4(1), 1-189.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2011. Creativity in English as a lingua franca: Idiom and metaphor. PhD Thesis, University of Vienna.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2010. English as a lingua franca in international business. Resolving miscommunication and reaching shared understanding. Saarbrücken: VDM-Verlag Müller.

Articles and chapters

  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. forthc. (Sept. 2017). "Creativity, idioms and metaphorical language in ELF". In Jenkins, Jennifer; Baker, Will; Dewey, Martin (eds.). The Routledge handbook of English as a lingua franca. London: Routledge, 233-243.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2016a. "World Englishes and creative idioms in English as a lingua franca". World Englishes 35(2), 293–309.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2016b. "Expanding frontiers: Prospects on the creativity of ELF". In: Pitzl, Marie-Luise; Osimk-Teasdale, Ruth (eds.). English as a lingua franca: Perspectives and prospects. Contributions in honour of Barbara Seidlhofer. Boston: De Gruyter Mouton: 275–279.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2016c. "Investigating multilingual practices in BELF meetings with VOICE: A corpus linguistic case study with methodological considerations". Waseda Working Papers in ELF 5, 15-40.
  • Cogo, Alessia; Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2016. "Pre-empting and signalling non-understanding in ELF". ELT Journal 70, 1–7.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2015. "Understanding and misunderstanding in the Common European Framework of Reference: What we can learn from research on BELF and Intercultural Communication". Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 4(1), 91-124.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise; Ehrenreich, Susanne. 2015. "Teaching ELF, BELF and/or Intercultural Communication? - Introduction". Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 4(1), 1-7.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2013. "Creativity in language use". In Östman, Jan-Ola; Verschueren, Jef (eds.) Handbook of Pragmatics (2013 Installment). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 1-28.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2012. "Creativity meets convention: Idiom variation and re-metaphorization in ELF". Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 1(1), 27-55.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2009. “'We should not wake up any dogs': Idiom and metaphor in ELF”. In Mauranen, Anna; Ranta, Elina (eds.). English as a Lingua Franca: Studies and findings. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 298-322.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise; Breiteneder, Angelika; Klimpfinger, Theresa. 2008. “A world of words: processes of lexical innovation in VOICE”. Vienna English Working PaperS 17/2, 21-46. http://anglistik.univie.ac.at/fileadmin/user_upload/dep_anglist/weitere_Uploads/Views/views_0802.pdf (18 May 2016).
  • Seidlhofer, Barbara; Breiteneder, Angelika; Pitzl, Marie-Luise. “English as a lingua franca in Europe”. 2006. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 26, 1-34.
  • Pitzl, Marie-Luise. 2005. “Non-understanding in English as a lingua franca: examples from a business context”. Vienna English Working PaperS 14(2), 50-71. http://anglistik.univie.ac.at/fileadmin/user_upload/dep_anglist/weitere_Uploads/Views/Views0502ALL_new.pdf (18 May 2016).
  • The Vienna-Oxford International Corpus of English (VOICE version 1.0 online). 2009. Director: Barbara Seidlhofer; Researchers: Angelika Breiteneder, Theresa Klimpfinger, Stefan Majewski, Marie-Luise Pitzl. Available online at http://voice.univie.ac.at


Since Sept 2014: Postdoc, English Applied Linguistics, Univ. of Vienna
2012-2014: Postdoc, English Applied Linguistics and ELT, Univ. of Salzburg
2014: Award for Excellent Teaching (Univ. of Salzburg)
2012-2013: External Lecturer, Engl. Dept., Univ. of Vienna
2012- : Founder & Co-convenor of AILA ReN on English as a Lingua Franca (www.english-lingua-franca.org)
2011-2012: Postdoc, ELT and Applied Linguistics, TU Dortmund
2011: Dr. phil., English Applied Linguistics, Univ. of Vienna
2010-(2016): Training for Coaching, Supervision & Organisationsentwicklung (ÖAGG - Öst. Arbeitskreis f. Gruppentherapie u. Gruppendynamik)
2005-2011: Full-time Researcher FWF Translational Research Projects Vienna Oxford International Corpus of English and English as an International Lingua Franca, Univ. of Vienna
2009-2011: External Lecturer, Engl. Dept., Univ. of Vienna
2009: Young Researchers Prize English Linguistics in Austria (AAUTE)
2004: Mag. phil. English & Communication Studies, Univ. of Vienna
2002: Exchange term, New York University (NYU)





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