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Univ.-Prof. PD Mag. Dr. Gunther KALTENBÖCK, M.A.
(c) B. Mair, Univ. Wien

Research interests

  • Cognitive-Functional grammar, Usage-based grammar
  • Syntax of spoken language
  • Pragmatics and discourse
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Extra-clausal constituents (Thetical Grammar)
  • Language Variation and change
  • Phonetics and phonology
  • Information packaging and language processing

Member of the FunCog research group


  • Studies of English and French Language and Literature (Univ. of Vienna)
  • Studies of Phonetics and Linguistics (University College London)
  • MA in Modern English Language (University College London)
  • PhD in English Linguistics (University of Vienna)
  • Habilitation (post-doctoral thesis) in English Linguistics
  • Lecturer and Research assistant, English Department, Univ. of Vienna
  • Lecturer at University of Economics and and Business Admin., University of Education, University of Applied Sciences (Vienna)
  • Research assistant, Survey of English Usage, University College London
  • Privatdozent / 'Senior Scientist' (Senior Lecturer) at English Department, University of Vienna.
  • Current Position: temporary position of Professor of English Linguistics, University of Vienna

Select Publications

  • 2017 forthc.  “Cooptation as a discourse strategy”, Journal of Linguistics (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva, Haiping Long)
  • 2016. (ed.) Outside the clause: Form and function of extra-clausal constituents (Studies in Language Companion Series). Amsterdam: Benjamins (with Evelien Keizer, Arne Lohmann)
  • 2016. “On the grammatical status of insubordinate if-clauses”, in: Kaltenböck, Gunther, Evelien Keizer, Arne Lohmann (eds.). Outside the clause: Form and function of extra-clausal constituents. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 341-378.
  • 2016. “Extra-clausal constituents: an overview”, in: Kaltenböck, Gunther, Evelien Keizer, Arne Lohmann (eds.). Outside the clause: Form and function of extra-clausal constituents. Amsterdam: Benjamins (with Evelien Keizer, Arne Lohmann), 1-26.
  • 2016. “On insubordination and cooptation”, in: Evans, Nicholas and Honoré Watanabe (eds.). Dynamics of Insubordination. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins. (with Bernd Heine)
  • 2015.     “Processibility and syntactic structure: from matrix clause to pragmatic marker”, in: Aijmer, Karin; Rühlemann, Christoph (eds.). Corpus Pragmatics: A Handbook. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 117-142.
  • 2015.     “On the evolution of final particles”, in: Hancil, Sylvie (ed.). Final particles. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 111-140. (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva).
  • 2015.     “Sentence Grammar vs. Thetical Grammar: two competing systems?”, in: MacWhinney, Brian; Malchukov, Andrej; Moravcsik, Edith (eds.) Competing motivations in grammar and usage. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 348-363. (with Bernd Heine)
  • 2015.     “A ‘rootless’ analysis of I think, in Schneider, Stefan et al. (eds.). Parenthetical verbs. Amsterdam: Mouton de Guyter, 39-70. (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva).
  • 2015.     “On some correlations between grammar and brain lateralization”, in: Oxford Handbooks Online. New York: Oxford University Press. (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva)
  • 2014. "Discourse Grammar, the dual process model, and brain lateralization: some correlations", Language and Cognition 6: 146-180 (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva)
  • 2013. "Development of comment clauses", in: Aarts, Bas; Close, Joanne; Leech, Geoffrey; Wallis, Sean (eds.). The English verb phrase: investigating recent change with corpora. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 286-317.
  • 2013. "An outline of Discourse Grammar", in: Bischoff, Shannon and Carmen Jeny (eds.) Reflections on Functionalism in linguistics. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 155-206. (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva, Haiping Long)

  • 2013. "On the origin of grammar", in: Lefebvre, Claire; Comrie, Bernd; Cohen, Henri (ed.) New perspectives on the origins of language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 379-405. (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva)

  • 2011. "On thetical grammar", Studies in Language 35.4: 848-893. (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva)
  • 2011. "Explaining diverging evidence: the case of clause-initial I think", in: Schönefeld, Doris (ed.). Converging evidence. Methodological and theoretical issues for linguistic research. Amterdam: Benjamins, 81-112.
  • 2010 (ed.). New approaches to hedging. Emerald (with W. Mihatsch, S. Schneider)
  • 2009. "English comment clauses: position, prosody, and scope". Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 34 (1): 49-75.
  • 2008. "Prosody and function of English comment clauses". Folia Linguistica 42 (1): 83-134.
  • 2007.  "Spoken parenthetical clauses in English: a taxonomy", in: Dehé, Nicole; Kavalova, Yordanka (eds.). Parentheticals. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 25-52.
  • 2006. "Some comments on comment clauses: a semantic classification", in Povolná, R.; Dontcheva-Navratilova (eds.). Discourse and Interaction 2. Brno: Masaykovy Univerzity, 71-87.
  • 2006. "'...That is the question': complementizer omission in extraposed that-clauses". English Language and Linguistics 10 (2): 371-396.
  • 2005. "It-extraposition in English: a functional view". International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 10 (2): 119-159.
  • 2005. "Computer corpora and the language classroom: on the potential and limitations of computer corpora in language teaching". ReCALL 17 (1): 65-84 (with B. Mehlmauer)
  • 2004. It-extraposition and non-extraposition in English. A study of syntax in spoken and written texts. Wien: Braumüller. ISBN 3-7003-1461-2
  • 2004.  "Using non-extraposition in spoken and written texts: a functional perspective", in: Aijmer, Karin; Stenström, Anna-Brita. (eds.). Discourse patterns in spoken and written corpora. Amsterdam: Benjamins, 219-242.
  • 2003.  "On the syntactic and semantic status of anticipatory it". English Language and Linguistics 7 (2): 235-255.
  • 2002. "That’s it? On the unanticipated 'controversy' over anticipatory it. A reply to Aimo Seppänen". English Studies 83 (6): 541-550.
  • 2001.  "Learner autonomy: a guiding principle in designing a CD-ROM for intonation practice". ReCALL 13 (2): 179-190.
  • 2000. "It-extraposition and non-extraposition in English discourse", in: Mair, Christian; Hundt, Marianne (eds.). Corpus Linguistics and linguistic theory. Amsterdam, Atlanta: Rodopi, 157-175.

Complete list of publications


  • Studies of English and French language & literature, University of Vienna and University College London
  • Master of Arts in Modern English Language, University College London
  • Teacher for English and French at Upper Secondary School, Vienna
  • Lecturer and research assistant at Department of English, University of Vienna
  • Research assistant Survey of English Usage, University College London
  • PhD in English Linguistics, University of Vienna
  • Lecturer at: University of Economics & Business Admin, University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule), PÄDAKs
  • Current position: Senior Lecturer ('Senior Scientist'), Department of English, University of Vienna
  • Habilitation (post-doctoral thesis) in English Linguistics



  • Corpus linguistics
  • English Grammar
  • Research Methods
  • Structural Analysis
  • etc.

Courses taught


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