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MMag. Andreas Baumann

Research interests

  • evolutionary linguistics
  • cognitive phonotactics
  • language acquisition
  • grammaticalization
  • mathematical and statistical applications in linguistics
  • epidemiological and ecological models in diachronic linguistics
  • diachronic language databases

Evolang XI poster
SLE 2016 poster
PaPE 2017 poster
ICLC 2017 poster
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DPT17 workshop
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Teaching materials: see below


  • Since 02/2015: project assistant and lecturer at the Department of English
  • 10/2014-01/2015: guest researcher at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • 05/2011-09/2014: university assistant at the Department of English
  • 2013: Mag. rer. nat. in Mathematics
  • 2010: Mag. phil. in General and Applied Linguistics


  • Baumann, A. Forthc. Linguistic stability increases with population size, but only in stable learning environments. Proc. EVOLANG 12.
  • Ritt, N.; Baumann, A.; Prömer, C. Forthc. The fall and rise of English any. 
  • Baumann, A.; Ritt, N. Forthc. On the replicator dynamics of lexical stress: accounting for stress pattern diversity in terms of evolutionary game theory. Phonology.
  • Baumann, A.; Prömer, C.; Ritt, N. 2016. Diachronic dynamics of Middle English phonotactics provide evidence for analogy effects among lexical and morphonotactic consonant clusters. Papers in Historical Phonology 1: 50-75.
  • Kazmierski, K.; Wojtkowiak, E.; Baumann, A. 2016. Coalescent assimilation across word-boundaries in American English and in Polish English. Research in Language 3: 235–262.
  • Baumann, A.; Kazmierski, K. 2016. A dynamical-systems approach to the evolution of morphonotactic and lexical consonant clusters in English and Polish. Yearbook of the Poznan Linguistic Meeting 2: 115–139.
  • Baumann, A.; Prömer, C.; Kazmierski, K.; Ritt, N. 2016. A Lotka-Volterra model of the evolutionary dynamics of compositionality markers. In S.G. Roberts, C. Cuskley, L. McCrohon, L. Barceló-Coblijn, O. Feher & T. Verhoef (eds.) The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference (EVOLANG11).
  • Baumann, A.; Prömer, C.; Ritt, N. 2015. Identifying therapeutic changes by simulating virtual language stages: a method and its application to Middle English coda phonotactics after schwa deletion. VIEWS 24: 1-31.
  • Baumann, A. 2013. Evolutionary dynamics in structured populations: a life-cycle approach in continuous time. Diploma thesis. Vienna University.
  • Ritt, N.; Baumann, A. 2012. Transferring mathematics to English studies. In: M. Manfred and H. Schendl (eds.). Transfer in English studies: 219-237. Vienna: Braumüller. 
  • Baumann, A. 2009. The triggering learning algorithm and the problem of local maxima. Diploma thesis. Vienna University.

Conference papers, posters and guest talks

  • Baumann, A.; Sommerer, L. 2017. Layering an effect of asymmetric priming. 23rd ICHL, San Antonio, TX.
  • Baumann, A.; Prömer, C. 2017. Interpolating diachronic phonotactic data: On the logistic spread of Middle English schwa loss. 23rd ICHL, San Antonio, TX.
  • Kazmierski, K.; Baumann, A. 2017. Perceptual effects of ambiguity in the long-term development of boundary-signaling consonant clusters: combining experiments and dynamical systems in (mor)phonotactic research. Dynamic Modeling Workshop, Cologne.
  • Baumann, A.; Sommerer, L. 2017. Layering as a long-term effect of asymmetric priming. 14th ICLC, Tartu. 
  • Baumann, A.; Kazmierski, K. 2017. Lazy speakers and distant sounds: on the role of articulatory difference in phonotactic production, acquisition and change. PaPE, Cologne.
  • Baumann, A. 2017. Manner of articulation is the primary articulatory pressure in the formation of phonotactic systems: evidence from the acquisition and diachrony of Dutch and Afrikaans. Phon & Phon meeting, AMU, Poznan. 
  • Kazmierski, K.; Baumann, A. 2016. Assessing the effect of compositionality-signaling variability on the segmentation function and processability of diphones. Experimental Approaches to Perception and Production of Language Variation, Vienna.
  • Hofmann, K.; Baumann, A. 2016. The effect of differential stress patterns on age-of-acquisition ratings in English. SLE, Naples.
  • Baumann, A.; Prömer, C.; Ritt, N. 2016. Identifying therapeutic changes by constructing virtual language stages. SLE, Naples. 
  • Baumann, A. 2016. Stabilizing determinants in the transmission of phonotactic systems: on the emergence of the Afrikaans consonant-cluster inventory. Afrikaans Grammar Workshop, Johannesburg.
  • Zehentner, E.; Baumann, A.; Ritt, N.; Prömer, C. 2016. A Game Theoretic Account Of Semantic Subjectification In The Cultural Evolution Of Languages. Evolang XI, New Orleans.
  • Baumann, A.; Prömer, C.; Kazmierski, K.; Ritt, N. 2016. A Lotka-Volterra model of the evolutionary dynamics of compositionality markers. Evolang XI, New Orleans.
  • Baumann, A.; Prömer, C.; Ritt, N. 2015. Diachronic reflexes of frequency effects among word final (mor)phonotactic consonant clusters in Middle and Early Modern English. 3rd International Workshop on Phonotactics and Phonotactic Modeling, Vienna.
  • Prömer, C.; Baumann, A.; Ritt, N. 2015. Sporadic final devoicing in English past tense forms ending in [sonorant]+/d/ clusters: a 'therapeutic' response to schwa loss. 3rd International Workshop on Phonotactics and Phonotactic Modeling, Vienna.
  • Ritt, N.; Baumann, A. 2015. Evolutionäre Spieltheorie in der historischen Sprachwissenschaft. Grammar, Cognition and Language: Dahlem Lectures in Linguistics, FU Berlin.
  • Baumann, A.; Kazmierski, K. 2015. A structured-population dynamical-systems approach to the evolution of morphonotactic and lexical consonant clusters. PLM, Poznan.
  • Ritt, N.; Kazmierski, K.; Baumann, A.; Prömer, C. 2015. Phonology-morphology interaction and the emergence of /VVCC/-rhymes in the English lexicon. SLE, Leiden.
  • Baumann, A.; Prömer, C.; Ritt, N. 2015. Therapeutic responses to Early Middle English schwa loss in the domain of morphonotactics. SLE, Leiden.
  • Baumann, A. 2014. Mathematical modelling of language change: what is the point of all this? University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.
  • Baumann, A. 2014. Languages as eco-evolutionary systems: why it sometimes still makes sense to compare linguistic change with disease. SACEMA, Stellenbosch, South Africa.
  • Baumann, A. 2014. Rhythm-driven evolutionary dynamics of lexical stress in natural languages. EvoMus Workshop, Evolang X, Vienna, Austria.
  • Baumann, A. 2013. When uniform stress placement collapsed: the history of English word stress told by Evolutionary Game Theory, Oslo, Norway.
  • Baumann, A. 2013. Eco-evolutionary dynamics of linguistic replicators. Ways to Protolanguage 3, Wroclaw, Poland.
  • Baumann, A. 2012. Grammaticalizing to death: evolutionary suicide of OE/ME case markers. Memetics Workshop, Vienna, Austria.
  • Baumann, A. 2012. Grammatikalisierung, Optimierung und Unidirektionalität. OELT 39 (Österreichische Linguistiktagung), Innsbruck, Austria.
  • Baumann, A. 2012. Struggle for rhythm: an evolutionary approach to stress assignment. PLM (43rd Poznan Linguistic Meeting), Poznan, Poland.
  • Baumann, A. 2012. Grammaticalization and evolutionary optimization. NRG 5 (New Reflections on Grammaticalization), Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Baumann, A. 2012. Grammatikalisierung als evolutionärer Optimierungsprozess. Zweiter Workshop "Sprachwissenschaftliche Dissertationsprojekte der Wiener Germanistik", Vienna, Austria.
  • Ritt, N. Baumann, A. 2011. Lexical stress, game theory and utterance rhythm. SLE 44 (Societa Linguistica Europaea), Logrono, Spain.


  • Statistical modeling and multimodel inference (Poznan, December 2017) [course materials]
  • Introducing statistics module (Poznan, December 2017) [course materials]
  • Introduction to statistical modeling for linguists (SS17)
  • Staff seminar: Approaching statistical problems in English language studies with R (WS16/17)
  • Introduction to statistics for linguists (WS14/15, WS15/16)
  • Statistics module in "Research methods in linguistics" (WS13/14, SS14, WS15/16, SS16, WS16/17, SS17, WS17/18)
  • Quantitative and statistical methods (WS13/14)
  • Proseminar 1 (WS12/13, SS13, SS14)
  • Introduction to evolutionary linguistics (SS12)


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