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Course registration dates / periods


A list of all courses offered is available via the online course directory.

The registration dates for courses + VELT for the next semester will be announced here in the first half of December.

The next VELT will usually be held in the second half of February.

Registration to STEOP lectures:

from 1 July 2017


Registration to lectures (VO): are possible via U:SPACE from Sept. 11th throughout the semester up until one week before the first exam date. You do not have to allocate points to register. Should you be registered to a lecture without having access to the Moodle platform, please contact the course teacher(s).

Please bear in mind that many Moodle platforms only get activated after the first session of the lecture. Please wait until the second week of lectures before you contact the lecturers.

Tutorials (except for the PPOCS Language Lab) do not require any registration. 


Courses with continuous assessment + VELT:

All registrations to courses with continuous assessment are conducted via U:SPACE! 


VELT : 21.09.2017

VELT registration period:

1.9.2017 – 18.9.2017, 8:00 

The list of participants and the respective time slots will be published on the departmental homepage one work day before the exam. 


All courses with continuous assessment - UE, PS, SE, AR, KO, etc. 


11.9.2017 - 21.9.2017


until 2.10.2017

NOTE: If you register for PPOCS1, you must also sign up for a PPOCS Language Lab! The allocation to a Language Lab will take place a couple of days after the allocation to PPOCS1.

NOTE: A final allocation to ILSS1 will only take place in combination with a valid and positive VELT result!

Tutorials (except for the PPOCS Language Lab) do not require any registration.


Beginning of regular teaching period:



A de-registration from courses with continuous assessment is possible until 31.10.2017. Should you quit a course later than the end of October you will receive a negative mark. If you plan to deregister from a course, please do so as soon as possible so your slot can go to someone from the waiting list.


POST-REGISTRATION PERIOD – Registration to courses with continuous assessment, IN PERSON (with ID) at the SSS:

Course swapping:

from 2.10.2017 - 13.10.2017 (only with confirmed slot!) 

Leftover slots for students of English:

16.10.2017 - 20.10.2017

Leftover slots for students of other departments:

18.10.2017 - 20.10.2017

ERASMUS/Exchange students from other departments: Please contact Mag. Monika Wittmann about participating in courses with continuous assessment!

Please note that leftover slots can only be given out if the necessary prerequisites are fulfilled! 

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